CD: THE HEIMATDAMISCH - Let there be Brass (2021)
Artikel-Nr.: BB2021002

New album! Release 23rd April 2021!

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78 minutes, 17 songs, featuring Conny Kreitmeier, Michael Wiedenmann, Sebastian Horn (Bananafishbones/Dreiviertelblut), Alex Wesselsky (Eisbrecher), Clemens Maria Haas (Steinwolke), Michael Schmutzer, Chris Schuhbeck and many more. 

Produced by Florian Rein.


1. GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN featuring Conny Kreitmeier

2. DON’T STOP BELIEVING featuring Conny Kreitmeier

3. JUMP featuring Sebastian Horn

4. MERCY featuring Conny Kreitmeier

5. GHOSTBUSTERS featuring Michael Wiedenmann

6. KIDS IN BAVARIA featuring Conny Kreitmeier

7. LIKE A VIRGIN featuring Alex Wesselsky

8. UPTOWN FUNK featuring Conny Kreitmeier

9. KIDS featuring Sebastian Horn

10. MY SHARONA featuring Michael Schmutzer

11. LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER featuring Chris Schuhbeck

12. I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU featuring Chris Schuhbeck

13. KATHERINE KATHERINE featuring Clemens Maria Haas

14. YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG featuring Conny Kreitmeier

15. BAD GUY featuring Chris Schuhbeck

16. WHITE WEDDING featuring Alex Wesselsky

17. BAVARIAN QUEEN featuring Conny Kreitmeier, Michael Schmutzer & Michael Wiedenmann


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